How to make your WordPress Blog Faster?

The world is growing impatient and so do, our web browsers and visitors. And so, webpage load speed has emerged as a very important feature which needs to be indispensably fast. But speed is always an issue with a WordPress blogs. Don't worry, it won't be now! Today I'm going to share some tips and tweaks to help you  make your WordPress blog faster . But before I move to how to make

101 Timeless Email Marketing Tips

In this post I have shared my 101 timeless email marketing tips for people who are new to the email marketing scene. I have tried to make the list as comprehensive as I can and I'm sure you'll get some really good tips to improve your email marketing campaigns. Whatever maybe your reason for using emails, as a marketing medium - to drive traffic to your website/blog, to make sales

The importance of branding your Online Business

Branding is one of the most important factor for any business that wants to succeed online. It is the quickest way for any business to express to its prospect customers, what it is and what it can offer. Inaccurate branding of a business can make it hard for the prospects customers to understand the business and buy from it. It’s very simple to understand the importance of branding if you keep your

How To Create Insanely High Converting Landing Pages

People may argue that the ability of producing great landing pages is a bit of an art form. And this is true too – but if you can get your basics clear, you may easily start making landing pages that convert insanely. In this post I have written the top 5 tips for creating a landing page that I have learned over the time. These have helped me a lot

7 Reasons why Email Marketing is better than Social Media Marketing

With all the buzz around social media marketing now a days, if you think email marketing is dead, you're wrong. Till date email marketing is alive and kicking and is a lot better than social media marketing when it comes to ROI. Although people today spend more time on social networks than on reading emails, but is social media marketing really good for marketing purposes? And if its good is

6 Reasons why you should Create High Quality Content

A very quick post for today... You may have heard  bloggers emphasizing on creating high quality content on your blog. They keep saying the same thing again and again whether its on their blog, on  twitter or anywhere else. Its always about content is king, write epic shit and similar types of phrases. Even I have talked about it a lot on this blog and on social networks. By now

Stop sweating on small things. Sit back and relax.

The online business world may seem to be very overwhelming when we are just starting out and every small detail may seem to be so important to us that we may end up loosing a lot of our important time and energy.   But trust me its not as complicated as we make it.    When I started online everything was new to me and I used to sweat on

How To Secure WordPress Blog From Hackers And Brute Force Attacks

Security of a WordPress blog is a big concern now a days specially when the Brute-force bonet attacks are going on all over the web. If your blog has not been attacked till now be prepared as it may happen in the future. Securing your WordPress blog must be your first priority in order to keep it and its content protected from hackers. According to various news sites all over

6 Psychological Triggers That Get People Buy Your Stuff

I'm writing this post based on a book that I recently came across "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion" by Dr. Robert Cialdini. The book talks about 6 psychological triggers or what it calls as 6 Weapons Of Influence that are the driving forces for people to take the decision of performing an action. Now being an internet marketer you should know how to use these weapons to influence your prospect

How to Increase Blog Traffic – Tactic #1 – Hack Other Blog’s Traffic

This is first post of the How to Increase Blog Traffic series. In this post series I’ll be posting a lot of useful blog traffic tactics for increasing your blog’s traffic. So stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter using the box on your right to know whenever I post something new! It’s possible to get insane amount of traffic in a very short amount of time. In this post