Create high quality contentA very quick post for today…

You may have heard  bloggers emphasizing on creating high quality content on your blog. They keep saying the same thing again and again whether its on their blog, on  twitter or anywhere else. Its always about content is king, write epic shit and similar types of phrases. Even I have talked about it a lot on this blog and on social networks.

By now you may be well convinced that writing great content is something that is really good for your blog and your online business.

So to just let you know why they keep saying the same thing again and again I’ve written the top 6 reasons why creating high quality content is helpful.

Lets go.

High quality content helps you in…

1. Building your reputation:

Low quality content can really affect your reputation because after reading your not so well written and invaluable content, people might be reluctant to do business with you.

Your content is like the receptionist sitting in your front office. Its the first thing that a visitor interacts with and if it can not impress your prospect customers then you’ll have hard time convincing them about almost everything else. Its like first impression is the last impression kind of deal.

So, to save your reputation make sure that the contents in your blog meets the needs of your visitors and provide them real value.

2. Achieving visitors’ trust:

Trust plays an important role in a business. If people can not trust you they’ll not hand over their credit card details to you. Its as simple as that.

High quality content on your blog gives your visitors an idea of your expertise and the quality of service they can expect from you. But if you write low quality content it is a good sign that you don’t know the stuff that you are talking about and should not be trusted with the products you are offering.

So, if you want to increase the number of your customers then you better start producing high quality informative content for your blog.

3. Building relationships with your visitors

It goes something like this:

Someone visits your blog > He interacts with your content > If the content is good, he starts trusting you as a valuable resource for his needs > He visits again and then again and then again > These repeat visits helps him to connect with your brand (build relationship) > He’s both convinced now and feels connected with your brand > He decides and then buys from you.

I know this looks complicated, but let me break it down into simple step:

  1. Create very high quality, epic, viral and sharable content with your personal touch.
  2. Repeat step one at least 10 times a month

And the rest of it will take care of itself.

4. Its good for SEO:

People love high quality content and so do search engines.

Some of the factors that affect your rankings in search engines are:

1. Average time spent on a content page before clicking away.
2. Average time spent on a website before getting out.
3. Number of page views per visit.
4. Number of links pointing back to a web page.
5. Number of social shares and comments.

So if you are creating high quality content you don’t need to worry about SEO. Because…

1. Average time spent by visitors on a high quality content page is high, obviously.
2. Average time spent on a blog before getting out is also high because the visitors love your content and browse your blog for more.
3. As they browse more the pageviews also increase.
4. People love to link back to high quality stuff so you build a lot of quality backlinks organically.
5. People share high quality content like mad because it makes them look smarty pants.

So if you are creating high quality content you do not have to worry much about SEO.

4. Retaining your customers:

As you know that high quality content get the visitors hooked, same is the case with your current customers. Even if you have converted your visitors into customers, they’ll still keep coming back to your blog for reading more of your valuable content. They’ll keep following you and later when you have a new product online they’ll be the first to buy it and get the word out about it.

5. Increasing your social presence:

High quality content gets shared more. The more your content gets shared, the more people will know about it and your content will get shared even more. With more shares, more people will get to know about you and your brand and you’ll be able to build an increasing fan base socially of people who want more from you.

6. Increase traffic:

Good content helps in SEO and hence helps bringing more traffic to your blog. Good content gets shared more and hence helps bringing more traffic to your blog. Good content gets viral easily and hence helps bringing more traffic to your blog. With good content the traffic is easy.

Now go and write some good stuff.

So overall writing HQ content is good for your business

With everything I talked about above we can conclude that high quality content is something that can skyrocket the growth of your online business. So write something epic today and keep doing the same for the rest of your life.