The online business world may seem to be very overwhelming when we are just starting out and every small detail may seem to be so important to us that we may end up loosing a lot of our important time and energy.
But trust me its not as complicated as we make it. 
When I started online everything was new to me and I used to sweat on the smallest of the things. I was so into the whole online business thingy that I used to worry about every single thing.

I worried when I saw some error in Google Webmaster Tools, I worried when my adsense account did not get approved for the first time (and the second time and the third, as if it was very uncommon), I worried when I did not get traffic to my site after 3 days of launching it (with just one blog post on it), I worried when my blog did not show up on Google SERPs when I searched for it (just 7 days later), I worried about my blog looking ugly when the content I had written was uglier than the design itself, I worried about every single thing I could and did not focus on what was more important. And by the way I didn’t even know what was more important.

So the point is when we are just starting out why do you think we get worried and sweat on small things?

Why do you think we get worried and sweat on small things?

– Its because of lack of education.
– Its because of lack of experience.
– Its because of impatience and the desire to see quick results.
– Its because of not looking (or even knowing) at the big picture.

– Its because of lack of education

Lack of education does not mean lack of academic education, it means education of what you want to accomplish. People jump into blogging or other online business setups after reading an inspiring post on making money online without getting any further information about how to do it, what they’ll need to know and the nuts and bolts of it. They think they’ll figure things out as they come along, but the fact is when things come along they cost you a more time and unnecessary wastage of your energy that you could have saved otherwise.

So no matter what your plans are to do online or anywhere else, the best place to start with is to educate yourself. Prepare yourself for what you’ll need to do to build a successful business. Read books and blogs, watch videos and listen to as many podcasts as you can to prepare a mindset that is more focused on results and less on smaller things.

– Its because of lack of experience

When you have not done something before, its hard to do it for the first time. When you are just starting out you are more focused on the small things than on your actual goals.

Remember the day when you were just starting out to learn to drive. All your senses were focused on the gear, the accelerator, the clutch and other minor stuff. You did not think of where you wanted to go, all your focus on just doing everything just perfect. Now come back to the present and tell me, do you still drive like that or are you more focused on reaching home quicker than on pressing the accelerator and releasing the clutch slowy and in sync and doing everything perfectly?

Lack of experience can be compensated to a large extent by educating yourself properly. You’ll not be as good and may stumble upon small things without experience but educating yourself will help you reduce the pain to a large extent.

– Its because of impatience and the desire to see quick results.

We all are impatient. We see 19 year olds making millions of dollars overnight and hope to do the same and that too asap. But what we don’t see is that those 19 years olds have been involved in online business world for, don’t know how many years. They have both education and experience.

Have patience and don’t dream of wild goals unless you’re well informed about what you want to achieve. Otherwise you’ll only get failure and frustration. I’m not saying failure is bad, we can learn a lot by failures, but why waste our time failing and then learning, when we can learn from others who have already failed and not do the same thing again. I think it’ll be wiser, isn’t it?

– Its because of not looking (or even knowing) the big picture.

Lack of education, lack of experience and impatience don’t let us look at the big picture. When starting out we have a very blurred image of what we want to accomplish. But when we educate ourself, gain some experience and be patient, the fog starts to clear and our goals become clearer.

But when you are just starting out you’ll not be able to have all of these at once. So just focus on one thing and that is to educate yourself in the best way possible. Not only will it help you in focusing on the big picture but will also give you the confidence to go ahead even if you face some difficulties.

How to educate yourself?

Buy a good informational course. You’ll learn and accomplish more when you buy an actual course (can be an eBook, a video course or a seminar) to educate yourself than by surfing around blogs and reading random posts.

I was a victim of this when I started online. I did not have money to spend on info products to educate myself so I just wandered on the internet and read bits and pieces of information here and there.

It was enough to keep me distracted and confused. Every other blogger had different opinions and they all suggested different things. When someone said something is good other would contradict it. So I became totally confused about what I wanted and how I’ll get it.

And this is also a reason why we sweat on small things. As we read bits and pieces of content on different blogs we tend to half educate ourselves and when we do this we start assuming things that we don’t know. These assumptions lead to false expectations and when our expectation are not fulfilled we start worrying.

So the best way to stop worrying and sweating on small things is to educate yourself. Buy yourself a good book or a video course related to your business and try to understand it fully before jump into doing things.

And of course you can also read bogs, watch youtube videos or listen to postcasts along with it. But just make sure you understand the course completely and use these other sources of information only as add-ons.

And if this was not enough read the book by Richard Carlson – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff – and it’s all small stuff

Hope this helps.