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 how-to-increase-blog-trafficIt’s possible to get insane amount of traffic in a very short amount of time. In this post I’ve shared a simple yet effective traffic tactic for increasing the traffic to your blog by hacking the traffic of other blogs that are already getting a lot of traffic and that too in a very short period of time.

It is a very simple and cost effective 3-step way of driving traffic to your blog. And just to prove that this works –

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers was able to pull 1 million unique visitors to his blog within 7 days for just $1000 to his Celebrity blog – that’s $0.001 per click just by using this simple tactic!

So here it is…

1. Find a recent trending hot news keyword in your niche.

Every now and then there’s a hot news coming out like oil spills, India Pakistan cricket match or the presidential election and the search for these keywords on search engines increase exponentially. And so does the traffic to the blogs that are ranking for these keywords.

So the step #1 is to find the keywords that are trending in your niche so that you can use its search traffic to ultimately end up visiting your blog.


2. Find blogs that are already ranking for these keywords.

Next thing to do is – search on Google the keywords you found and find the blogs that are already ranking for them. There may already be a lot of blogs ranking for that keyword so just make a list of the blogs that you found.

Note: You may write posts on your blog for those keywords and try to rank them on Google for getting the direct traffic, but most of the time it will not be possible because the high competition.

So just don’t write anything and instead use the traffic of these blogs that are already ranking! Here’s how…

3. Buy Ad Space on these Blogs.

The blogs you find may not be big authority blogs and just be small personal blogs where the blogger have written some content for that keyword and is now ranking for it. Just write an email to them and ask for an Ad space on their blog. If the blog is not too big the advertising will not cost you much (typically $100-$200 per month).

Now here’s the punch – Most of the bloggers don’t account such sudden spikes of traffic.  So they may not know about it and you may end up buying the ads for cheap.

Say a particular search term is being searched for 20,000 times a day and you end up buying the ad for as cheap as $100 on a blog – you can now calculate for yourself how much traffic you’ll be getting to your blog within just a couple of days.

Most blogger have a fixed advertising rate and they generally forget about altering their ad fees according to these sudden traffic increase. And here’s where you hit the jackpot.

You may literally end up buying traffic very cheap if this tactic is used correctly.

How to scale this traffic tactic?

You don’t need to find very high traffic search terms or spend $100 or more for each ad you place. You may also find blogs that are ranking high on Google for a lesser trending keywords or keywords that are trending only in a small niche but are closely related to your blog and have good amount of traffic.

These terms may not have very high search volume but can lead to more clicks on your ads as they match the visitor’s interest. You can find low authority blogs ranking for such terms that don’t have high ad rates and hence post your ad there for a low fee.

You can also do it big like Derek did and spend $1000 or more on your ads on high authority blogs ranking for high volume search terms. But do this only if you really think you can get the results like he got.

So this tactic is totally scalable and it’s up to you how much you want to spend and on how many blogs you want to post your ads.

Now tell me what do you think about this tactic? Leave a comment below to let me know.