Last Updated: 15th June, 2020

I launched Gyantastic when I was in college and was just starting out with my stint in online businesses. The goal for this blog was simple, to share whatever I was learning with the world to help them with their own businesses.

Over the years I published a ton of content related to WordPress, Internet Marketing, SEO and a lot of other things. There were over 200 blog posts of some good content.

But as my main businesses grew I started paying less attention to this blog and the publishing of new blog posts gradually came to a halt.

Looking back at the content I created, most of it is now irrelevant. Like the beginner WordPress tutorials series I created is now outdated with the updated interface of WordPress. And with Gutenberg it seems to be generations old. Same with the SEO and internet marketing tips I posted in the past.

So I decided to delete all the irrelevant content.

Right now, the only thing that is left is some evergreen pieces and a few reviews that are still getting some traffic.

Right now all my focus is on growing my web development business at Fantastech and you can read some of my newer content there.

Down the line I might start writing here again, but only time will tell.

Till then, I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity!

– Ram