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5 Best WordPress News Plugins

Whether your site is geared towards news or not at all, integrating news sources on websites can greatly increase your traffic and draw people to your site. It’s not only important that you’re finding the quality of news suitable to visitors, but that it’s displayed in a easy-to-understand way. Here are some best WordPress news plugins that provide a range of options to show the news in a way that’s

5 Best WordPress Lightbox Plugins

Lightbox plugins are essential if displaying high quality images is an important component of your site. The plugins work differently so it’s important to get or buy the right one to suit your individual needs. Here are best WordPress lightbox plugins that helps you add lightbox to your blog. Best Wordpress Lightbox Plugins Responsive Lightbox by dFactory This plugin allows visitors to your site to see larger versions of images and

5 Best WordPress Rating Plugins

Statistics show that only about one percent of website visitors share content on their social feed. Less than one percent of visitors leave comments and subscribe to mailing lists. Thus, rating systems are strong and effective ways to get feedback and interact with users. Here are the best WordPress rating plugins that'll help you add rating functionality on your blog. Best Wordpress Rating Plugins Rating-Widget: Star Rating System Rating-Widget provides

6 Best WordPress Map Plugins

If you have a news site, a travel site, a listing site, you will definitely need a map plugin. There are also a number of other types of sites that require certain functions, or are greatly enhanced by having the visual and interactive aid of a map. Here are best WordPress map plugins that help you create and customize maps to your needs. Best Wordpress Map Plugins WP Google Maps

5 Best WordPress Poll Plugins

Like quizzes, surveys, and comments, polls are are important to get user feedback and give them a sense of feeling important. Polls are great to display for more specific questions both related to the feedback of your site as well as content related to the site focus. Here are 5 best WordPress poll plugins for creating polls. Best Wordpress Poll Plugins WP Polls WP Polls is a flexible and customizable

5 Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins

Shortcodes enable you to do numerous things on Wordpress that really enhance your site with minimal effort. However, without assistance it’s hard to get far. Other plugins provide some specific shortcodes, however, shortcode geared plugins such as the 5 best WordPress shortcode plugins listed below, give you shortcodes as well as help you figure out more. Best Wordpress Shortcode Plugins Shortcodes Ultimate Shortcodes Ultimate advertises itself as a plugin that

10 Ways to Improve Your Long Term Productivity

We all have different ways to feel productive. From listing down our priorities in the morning or listening to relaxing music while paving your way through the day, each one of us have our own ways to cope up with our daily activities. Let’s look at ten foolproof ways to help you improve your efficiency in the long run. 1. Take scheduled breaks to even out your work throughout the

Outsourcing Events – How we Pulled-off a Huge Event through Outsourcing

About 4 weeks before SuSBerlin, the number of things that needed to be done was proving to be too much for our small team of 5 people. For this “day of open doors” for the startup industry, we cooperated with over 100 companies in over 80 locations all over Berlin and around 700 participants from all over the world. We needed to outsource a number of tasks in order to

Facebook’s Larger Images on Link Shares and How It’ll Increase Your CTR

Facebook recently rolled out larger images on link shares. This means that for every link you share on Facebook now, you'll have much larger image showing up in the news feed. Facebook's post about this new update: We've just rolled out larger images on link shares. This will make your stories look even more beautiful on Facebook. The goal with this is to increase click-through rates on links as larger images are

Stop sweating on small things. Sit back and relax.

The online business world may seem to be very overwhelming when we are just starting out and every small detail may seem to be so important to us that we may end up loosing a lot of our important time and energy.   But trust me its not as complicated as we make it.    When I started online everything was new to me and I used to sweat on