Top 5 Sites to Find JavaScript Developers

These days, JavaScript is everywhere. Originally built for front-end web development, JavaScript has since expanded to include back-end technologies as well. In the annual Stack Overflow developer survey, which polled over 50,000 developers, JavaScript was the most popular programming language across the entire stack by a longshot. If you need JavaScript work done, there are hundreds of websites and companies to help you find and hire JavaScript developers, and each offers distinct advantages and disadvantages. Knowing which to use is a matter of research and determining what’s best for your needs.

To aid in your decision-making process, here are the top 5 sites to find JavaScript developers.


For quality assurance and a fast hire, Toptal is the go-to choice for companies that need to find the best JavaScript developer(s) in a short period of time. Toptal developers go through a rigorous screening process that tests communication and technical ability, and ultimately only 3% of applicants pass and are able to join the network. Because of this pre-screening process, all candidates are top quality, and Toptal works with you to learn about your project and custom match you with the JavaScript developer that is the best fit for your needs.


  • Top 3% quality guarantee of global talent
  • Custom matching to ensure right pick
  • Up to two-week risk-free trial period

Upwork is the largest freelance network on the market, with over 4 million clients and $1 billion in business done annually. With over 2,700 skills listed on their site, Upwork isn’t catered specifically towards software development, but they do have many JavaScript developers in their ranks. The platform is one of the cheaper options on this list, and as a result, Upwork offers competitive pricing, but there is no vetting process for its network, leaving the technical screening to clients themselves.


  • Freelance portfolios listing skills and client feedback
  • A work diary that captures screenshots of your hire’s computer screen during work hours to ensure that they’re working when they say they are
  • Credit card, PayPal, and bank account compatible for payments


Rather than helping you find freelancers, FlexJobs helps freelancers find you. Reversing the traditional hiring platform, FlexJobs vets jobs, not applicants, and freelancers pay to have access to FlexJobs job lists. In return, FlexJobs members can look through a list of over 30,000 job postings that have been vetted as legitimate. Businesses can become Featured Employers on FlexJobs by applying directly to the FlexJobs team and, if approved, can post new jobs directly to FlexJobs site to attract talented JavaScript developers or any other freelancers that are actively looking for new opportunities.


  • A network of freelancers who have paid for access to job listings
  • Skill tests to reveal quality of applicants without needing to test on your end
  • Location-based search



A highly competitive freelance platform, Freelancer differentiates itself from other hiring platforms with its focus on contests. Clients looking to hire talent post their project to the 17 million freelancers on the site, and anyone interested in that job posting can effectively bid on the project by submitting proposals to your project description. Alternatively, you can also reach out to individuals if you like what you see on their profile. The site offers a MileStone Payment system, where payments only occur when certain goals have been met.


  •  Competitive bidding for projects
  • 24/7 support and internal chat system to stay up-to-date with your hire
  • MileStone Payment system

Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is a massive online resource for developers. It’s the largest online community of programmers seeking to learn and improve their skills, with 5 million registered users and 40 million monthly visitors. The site is primarily a Q&A forum for developers, but it offers job listings as well. Stack Overflow Jobs helps developers create compelling CVs and connects developers with jobs that match their interests and expertise.


  • 500 new jobs posted every week
  • No recruiter spam
  • Focus is on developers, not the companies hiring

By joining any of these 5 freelance networks, you can find talented JavaScript developers. That being said, using these freelance networks doesn’t necessarily make the hiring process any easier. Keep in mind that especially with a vetting or matching process that isn’t your own, it’s up to you to make sure that a developer is the right fit before hiring them.

Above all, don’t be afraid to take your time during the hiring process. Rushing into a new hire is an easy way to hire the wrong developer and can be far more costly in the long term. Similarly, look to hire an experienced developer, both in terms of project experience and remote work experience. If you are hiring a developer that lives halfway around the world, not only do they need to be able to execute their JavaScript code, but they also need to be able to communicate and handle working remotely in ways that allow the whole team to stay on task and be aware of what exactly the developer is working on at all times.

 Hopefully, this article provides some insight on where and how to hire talented JavaScript developers. Good luck with your search and the hiring process!