Guest blogging is now trending and has become the number one priority of content marketers. Not only you get a quality link back to your website, you also get some really targeted traffic and all that just in exchange of an article.

guest-postNow, let us revisit guest blogging – You outreach some authority blogs out there. You build relationship with the bloggers and ask them for a guest post on their blog. When they agree, you write an article for them on their blog and you get a link back.

Although this is what you should do but often people don’t get the real essence of guest blogging and waste a lot of their time and energy. They may write some low quality articles or just spin an existing one. Although this gets you a quality backlink but it does not help you any further. What this results in is you don’t get a lot of traffic to your website.

People judge you on the quality of article you write and its obvious that if write low quality stuff they’ll not want to click on your link to know more about you.

If you are spending time on guest blogging as  your content marketing strategy, you must plan it in such a way that you not only get a link back but a lot more. If you don’t plan properly traffic to the post will reduce over time and it will get lost somewhere in the archives of that blog. You’ll not want this to happen to you if you are working hard to market your website. So what should you do?

Write Epic Guest Posts!

There’s only one thing (yes only one thing) that you should remember when you are guest blogging and that is – write epic guest posts that are sharable and have potential to go viral – write posts that are even better than the best post on your blog – write long and highly in-depth posts that solve people’s problems and are good enough to be self-promoting.

You may have heard about writing epic content for your own blog and you may think that writing such content for any other blog is just a waste of time. You may even get delighted to rather post the article you wrote on to your own blog.

But when you know the real benefits you can get out of posting that quality article on the other authority blog you’ll change your mind…

So, What Are The Benefits Of Writing Epic Guest Posts?

Along with getting a link back to your website, there are a lot of other benefits that you can get from writing epic guest posts.

1. An epic guest post gets shared more…

The authority blog where you post your article already has a lot of traffic. So when you publish a really great article, more people will see it, like it and share it with others. You don’t have to ask them for it. The better your article is the more it will get shared and hence drive a lot of traffic to your link in the article.

2. An epic guest post gets bookmarked more…

High quality articles get bookmarked more. Bookmarking your guest post will bring a lot of authority to it and also to your link. It will also help with SEO.

3. An epic guest post builds visitor’s trust in you and your brand…

When you write a quality article people will know that you are an expert in your niche and they’ll be more than happy to contact you for their problem. It will not only build people’s trust in you but also in your brand.

4. An epic guest post can get you free traffic for life…

Imagine if your article was so good that a lot of people bookmarked it, shared it on social networks and created links to it. This can do some real SEO for your article and it can get to the top of the search engines. You not only helped the other blog get more traffic to their blog but also to your link. Its a win-win.

If you would have posted that article on your blog rather than the authority blog, you would have missed the traffic that the other blog already had. Your article will also get ranked faster as they already posses authority, giving you greater ROI.

So, just take care of this one thing and put your effort on creating epic guest post.