This is the third post of the guest blogging post series.

write-epic-guest-postsAs I mentioned in my previous post that writing epic guest posts is a sure way to do better guest blogging, many of you may still not be clear what it means or how to write such epic guest posts.

In this post I’ve discussed the same, so that you can know how you too can write epic guest posts and get better rankings, more traffic to your website and higher credibility.

Now, whether you guest blog for your own website or for your client, the primary reason for doing it is to get high quality backlinks to a website for the obvious off-page SEO purposes.

But besides just getting effective, high quality and high PR backlinks, guest posts can also help you in bringing in more traffic as well as more subscribers to your website.

Not only this, you can also use guest blogging to build your credibility as an expert in your niche.

But in order to get all these, you need to work hard on writing your guest posts. Unless you write high quality, long and in-depth guest post covering a specific topic that has the potential to go viral you have fewer chances to drive massive traffic and gain credibility.

Always remember that mediocre posts won’t make people start liking you or to click on the link to your website/blog. The only way you can do this is by impressing them with the content your guest post that is by writing epic guest posts.

How To Write High Quality Epic Guest Posts

Following are some of the tips that would help you to write high quality epic guest posts that would help you attract more traffic and subscribers to your website and well as help you build credibility in your niche.

1. Choose A Topic That Is Already Loved By The Audience Of The Guest Blog

Search the guest blog for its best performing blog posts. These are the posts that are already popular among that blog’s visitors and subscribers. Most blogs have Popular Posts widget in their sidebars from where you can know which posts are performing better. If the blog doesn’t have Popular Posts widget, search for posts that are most commented on or shared.

Once you find these posts filter out the most important aspects of and use them in your own guest post.

These aspects can be anything from type of post to the length of the post. For example you can check if it is a detailed post about a particular topic or a general topic in the niche. Also if it is a list post or a normal post.

Check for the sub-niche of the posts. Say the blog is about how to fish better but the most popular posts can be on fishing rod reviews. Check if the most popular posts are small in length or long and in-depth.

Keeping these aspects in mind when selecting a topic for your guest post can get you some serious amount of traffic and subscribers as these are the topics that are already loved by the audience of the blog.

2. Write Over Topics That Are High In Demand

Now, there may be topics that the webmaster of your guest blog may have missed and that are high in demand for the general users. Now these users include both the subscribers of the blog and the people searching for that topic on search engines.

Find these topics and write guest posts on them. You can find these topics in forums and Q&A sites or in sites like Quora where users post their question. Find the questions that are most frequently asked and do a quick keyword research on their traffic potential. Select topics and questions with good traffic potential and write guest posts on them.

As the blog you select for guest posting is generally a high PR and an authority blog your guest post has a greater chance of getting ranked higher in search engine results. Say, if your guest post gets ranked in search engines, it will help you to drive traffic to your links in your guest post all the way to your own blog and also help you to get a good number of subscribers.

3. Use Proper Formatting

Most people skim through the content so use proper formatting for your guest post so that it doesn’t look boring. Don’t write long sentences and paragraphs as people don’t like to read them.

Use proper headings and sub-headings wherever possible to make your post more readable. Use bolds and italics to emphasize on important words and sentences an use images and proper indentation make your posts look better.

4. Search Engine Optimize Your Guest Post

In order to get your desired traffic and subscribers you need your guest posts to come on higher search engine rankings. Follow simple on-page SEO practices to make sure your guest post is optimized for search engines.

Spread your targeted keywords in the content of your guest post. Use the keywords in the title, headings, sub-headings and content but don’t over optimize your post with excessive keywords.

Keep the density of keywords to about 2-3% as high keyword density is not good for a webpage. Besides that, excessive usage of keywords may lower down the quality of your content too, so just make a proper balance when it comes to the usage of keyword in your guest posts.

5. Write As If You Were Writing To A Friend

Most of the readers would not appreciate the expert level of vocabulary or the words for which they would need to open a dictionary again and again. Write in a casual manner as if you were writing to a friend.

Use words and sentences that are easy to read and understand so that people can understand what you are talking about.

You are guest posting to solve people’s problems, so don’t behave like a rocket scientist (even if you are) and don’t try to write a thesis-like blog post. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a literary genius to write an interesting piece of guest post, just write in clean and simple English with your own style so that general users can understand it.

6. Follow Guidelines Of Guest Blogging Sites In Your Writing:

Normally the requirements of different guest blogging sites are almost similar, so all you have to do is to just read out the guidelines at least for once.

Following the guidelines is important as the webmasters want you to only write the content that is healthy for the guest blog and is written in a way that is accepted by the readers of the blog. Following the guidelines is not a difficult task and can only help you in writing better.

So just follow all of the above guidelines to produce high quality epic guest posts. And always remember that guest blogging is not just for building links but also for driving targeted traffic and establishing authority in your niche.

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