The year 2012 has seen a lot of changes in the Google’s search engine algorithm. Google is refining its algorithm constantly – making it stronger than ever – so that only best content gets to the top of SERPs.

Google has gone through a lot of important algorithm updates in the year 2012 that impacted thousands of small and big businesses out there. Although some businesses bloomed but most of them suffered huge losses. The websites that solely depended upon black hat SEO techniques are almost dead and only businesses with high quality content can see a hope of light as of now.

Here’s an inforgraphics showing the 27 most important algorithm updates that took place in Google search engine:

Source: E2M Solutions

I highly recommend you bookmark this post so that you can visit back whenever you plan for some major SEO changes for your blog or online business in the year 2013. Google is getting tougher with each algorithm update and it has become difficult for businesses to keep up with it and perform SEO accordingly. So just keep these updates in mind and make sure you apply them in your future SEO campaigns. All the best for the year 2013.