When you are starting out with making money online thing, there’s a great possibility that you can fail and 90% of us fail. I’m not telling this to discourage you but to prepare you for adversities. So if there’s a good probability that you can fail why not have a Plan B if nothing goes right. That plan B for me was freelancing.

Why should freelancing be your PLAN B

I started my online business struggle a couple of years ago. I learnt how to create blogs using WordPress, read enormous amount of articles on generating traffic, tried to do a lot of backlinking for my blogs and so on and the result was: I did not make a single penny after working for about 6 months.

I was very frustrated as nothing was comming in. For all the hard word that I did I was recieving only 30-40 visits per day. No one clicked on my ads or bought my affiliate recommendation. To cut things short I did not make any money.

This was when I was introduced to freelancing by Ankit Kumar, a freelancer from India. He told me about how he was making money from freelancing and how I can too.

So I joined the freelancing website oDesk and got a project on designing a website after 5-6 days. As I was already familiar with creating blogs it was not a very difficult task for me. It took me about 7 days to complete the work and I made my first $50 from it! I was on cloud 9 as it was the first time I made any money online.

Freelancing made me significant amount of money and I gained confidence to start my online endeavors once again. And now I don’t have to worry money as I am making a lot of money from my different streams of income online.

Why I am telling you this?

Now why I am telling you this? There will be times when you are not making money with your blogs or online businesses. And in those times freelancing can prove to be your Saviour. I am not telling you to stop your other activities online but rather to keep in mind there’s always a place to go if something goes wrong.

If you can design a website, know how to work with WordPress, write interesting articles, design logos or other graphics and can do other similar things then you are good to go.

Register yourself at one of the freelance sites and start building your profile. The best part is you may end up making more money from freelancing than you could have made from your online business. Or if you feel online business is the thing for you, you can always return back and invest the money you made from freelancing into your online business.

You win. Always.

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