Nowadays many people are into freelancing. Even I was involved in freelancing when I first started my journey online and before I made it my plan B. I really enjoyed being a freelancer as it hardly interfered with my college studies and helped me make some good money. Specially the fact that no one was there to boss me over how I work or when I work.

But although as freelancers you work as independent contractors, and you do not have to worry about getting reprimanded by your superiors, there are still some things that you should take care of.

You must follow some do’s and don’ts so you can perform your best as a freelancer. So, I brainstormed for some time and found out some basic do’s and don’ts that you should follow as a good freelancer.

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What To Do? – Do’s Of Freelancing

1. Have a Complete Profile.

The simplest things can be easily forgotten. Make sure that you complete your profile and all fill in all the necessary information. This is the first thing that your clients will see before considering you for a job offer. Also put samples of your work so that the clients can see that you are suited for the job.

Make an attractive portfolio and have good and short bio.

2. Read Carefully The Job Description Before Applying.

Make sure that you understand clearly the job description before applying. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. If you are unable to do the job well, this may cause you to get a really low feedback score which will affect your credibility.

3. Make Sure Payment Method Is Verified.

Make sure that your client’s payment method is verified to avoid problems. Even if the job description states that it is an easy job, you must always make sure.

It may happen in the case of fixed price jobs that your employer may never show up again after getting his/her job done. So make sure your client have payment method verified and preferably, already paid to someone before.

4. Be Professional

Although you are a freelancer, a job is still a job. If you want to be successful, being very professional is important. For example being polite, being punctual, informing your clients about changes etc shows your clients that you are more professional. Your attitude gives people an idea of how you work and this greatly affects their decision on whether to hire you or not in future.

5. Keep Track Of Your Schedule.

Always keep track of your schedule. You still have deadlines to meet even as a freelancer. You can place your schedule and deadlines in a planner to help you keep track and so that you won’t forget things to do.

6. Do Your Job Well

Let’s not forget the main reason why people hire you. Never submit work that is not good just for the sake of passing one. Always make sure you do a great job and also so that clients can refer you to other people and they feel satisfied and not cheated.

Now, lets see some don’t of freelancing…

What Not To Do? – Don’ts Of Freelancing

1. Don’t Post What You’re Not.

This may cause clients to think that is how you work and then get very disappointed once they receive your work done. Or what’s worse is that you can get into serious trouble if the job gets started and you get stuck in the middle.

2. Don’t Post Fake Skills.

Don’t place skills just for the sake of getting hired. Make sure that you really have those skills. Clients do not pay if they see that the work done is not done right. Only place skills on your profile that you truly have.

3. Don’t Just Settle On One Job.

Don’t settle on one job, there are plenty of opportunities that you are missing when doing so. You can apply to many jobs at a time so that you are not wasting time. It will take you longer if you wait for only one job and there are so many people that the competition is really high. Just make sure that you are able to balance your time well without sacrificing any work.

4. Don’t Exaggerate.

People might believe in what you say and then get really disappointed and upset when they find out that isn’t true through your work done. I see this a lot of times and I’ll feel very bad if you do the same.

Just remember this – whatever happens stay cool and patient. You may not get the first job you apply for or your employer may turn out out to be a complete a** ho**. But its just a part of the process. It has happened to me a lot and may happen to you also. But this is the way it is. You got to be flexible and adaptive.

So, all the best for your freelance career and stay tuned for more such posts.

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