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Important Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates in 2012 – [INFOGRAPHICS]

The year 2012 has seen a lot of changes in the Google's search engine algorithm. Google is refining its algorithm constantly - making it stronger than ever - so that only best content gets to the top of SERPs. Google has gone through a lot of important algorithm updates in the year 2012 that impacted thousands of small and big businesses out there. Although some businesses bloomed but most of

How To Get 1 Million Unique Visitors Per Month In Less Than A Year

Now this sounds out of the ordinary, isn't it? Imagine if you could start getting over a million unique visitors per month to your blog in less than a year or so. How great it would be... More visitors, more subscribers and hence more income. Sounds like a dream? Derek Flanzraich did this with his blog in less than a year, can we? Derek Flanzraich is the founder of Greatist