We now accept guest posts! Woohoo!

If you have a good blog post that you want to share with our audience just email me at : ram at gyantastic dot com.

I’ll only accept well written, in-depth and high quality posts. As I have a lot of categories on this blog, you can submit your post under any of the following categories:

  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Internet Marketing
  • Blogging
  • General Business Gyan (You can share your cool business ideas, experiences, case studies or anything else that is interesting, online business related and will help other people)


Be honest with yourself and save your time by not sending low quality content. Everything else is acceptable. No links restriction (unless they look irrelevant).

When you send the posts, make sure you include the following: Blog post (title and content), Author bio (short description about you) and Link to your Google+ profile.

Get a free book/eBook of your choice

There’s a special offer that I have for you here. If you write an awesome post and it gets tweeted for more than 150 times, I’ll buy you one book (or one eBook) of your choice from Amazon.com and send it directly to your address as a gift for your awesome write up!

But, say if your posts don’t get tweeted that much, no worries. Just write a minimum of 5 high quality blog posts for this blog and the offer remains – you’ll get one book/eBook of your choice.

Sounds cool?

It does to me. 😛

If it also does for you, just send your interesting posts to me now at  – ram at gyantastic dot com!

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