5 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins

The landing page is like the first impression of social interactions. It’s crucial and can set the tone for the rest of the relationship. If you want people to keep coming back for more after the first visit it’s important to have a strong landing page. Here are 5 best WordPress landing page plugins that will help you make the best landing page. Best Wordpress Landing Page Plugins Parallax Gravity

5 Best WordPress Redirect Plugins

When redirects happen they frustrate visitors and may prevent them from getting to your site. It's important to be able to manage and control them as problems are bound to come about. Here are plugins that allow you to control redirects, and also provide support for automatic intervention. Following are the 5 best WordPress redirect plugins: Best Wordpress Redirect Plugins SEO Redirection Plugins This plugin allows you to build redirections

6 Best Slider WordPress Plugins

Having slides on your site is a great way to enhance user experience – allowing visitors to see multiple aspects of your offerings quickly. However, accessibility and image quality of the slides can greatly impact the perspective of the visitor. Here are some of the best slider WordPress plugins to help you add sliding facility to your blog. Best Slider Wordpress Plugins MetaSlider MetaSlider is the most popular WordPress slider plugin. It’s

10 Best WordPress Magazine Themes

When creating a news site, it’s important the information presented is accessible, readable, and attracts the eye. Choosing a theme that supports these ideas and comes equipped with support for social media sharing is incredibly important. Here are 10 best WordPress magazine theme options. Best Wordpress Magazine Themes 1. MH Magazine Lite The top free magazine theme for Wordpress is MH Magazine Lite. It is suitable for a dynamic news blog,

5 Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins

Organizing and maintaining contact with people is an essential part of our culture – and increasingly important if you own a website. There are plugins you can download to drastically increase your communication with visitors to your site. So following are the 5 best contact form WordPress plugins: Best Contact Form Wordpress Plugins 1. Contact Form 7 Contact Form 7 manages multiple contact forms while allowing customization to the forms

7 Best Coupon Plugins For WordPress

In the consumer driven society we live in today people get quickly attached and attracted to sales and deals. Adding coupons and other offers to your site has the ability to increase traffic. There are plugins available to help be innovative and help manage the advertising on your site. Following are the 7 best coupon plugins for WordPress. Best Coupon Plugins For Wordpress 1. Magic WP Coupons – Lite This plugin

7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Wordpress is currently used by more than 50 million websites – by individuals as well as professional businesses. Search Engine Optimization is incredibly important in creating, promoting, and maintaining any site. Here are 7 best WordPress SEO plugins that you can use to enhance your on-site SEO to help you boost your site rankings. Best Wordpress SEO Plugins 1. WordPress SEO by Yoast One of the most popular SEO plugins Wordpress

5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Last year 170,000 Wordpress sites were hacked. With all the work you are putting into creating and managing your site, it’s simply not worth the risk to not protect it. Here are some of the best WordPress Security Plugins to download to keep your content and site safe. Best Wordpress Security Plugins 1. Wordfence - Securing Your WordPress Website This security plugin gets off to an immediate start once installed

4 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Affiliate marketing has become an effective way to gain traction and notoriety, as well as make money, on the internet. Because you are working with and coordinating between so many different websites, businesses, and other platforms, it can become difficult to manage. These 4 best WordPress affiliate plugins ease some of the difficulties in a range of ways. Best Wordpress Affiliate Plugins Affiliates This plugin equips you with strong tools

5 Best WordPress Events Plugins

For sites that organize events or display events, it’s important to have a strong plugin to help you with the organization and maintenance. In busy and scheduled lives people do not want to deal with scheduling themselves and want the majority of the scheduling to be easy and painless. Here are 5 best WordPress events plugins that help both you and your visitors with the process. Best Wordpress Events Plugins