Mobile Marketing 101

Mobile Marketing 101On a fine Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago I woke up a bit late. It was somewhat cold outside (winter ’12) so I kept inside my blanket for some time. I got a text message on my mobile phone. It was a message from Dominos – The Pizza Giant. The message was about an offer – that I can save 100 bucks if I had a Dominos Pizza that day. I thought how the hell they got my number when I suddenly remembered that they asked for my number the last time I visited them.

After half an hour and getting off the bed I got a call from my girlfriend and she asked me if we could go to Dominos that day. She too received the same message from Dominos that I did. I felt, man what’s going on here.

So we a plan and went to Dominos that day. The pizza was great as always, we got our tummies filled and I saved 100 bucks.

You may be thinking why I’m sharing all this with you. Here’s why…

Dominos may have sent that same message to hundreds of people in my location. Each text message would not have cost them more than just a few cents. Let’s say only 5% the people they messaged bought from them that day, that’s 5%  conversion rate, man what a great ROI! For just a few cents spent they would have made hundreds of dollars.

Dominos is really doing great marketing and it really knows the power of mobile marketing. This is what I’m going to write about today – Mobile Marketing and this is why I shared with you my little story.

Mobile Marketing 101

Marketing is the front line battle in the war of brands. When a business intends to market its goods and services then this is no child’s play and you need to adapt the changes and advancements in marketing around you.

If you are a business or a blog owner, then the first idea for marketing would be to market your brand and blog online. Mobile Marketing has now come into play with the increase in the number of mobile users globally.

Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a cell phone. Mobile marketing can also be defined as “the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication”, the “distribution of any kind of promotional or advertising messages to customer through wireless networks”.

Source – Wikipedia

Why Add Mobile Marketing To Your Online Marketing Strategies?

As online business owners, there is always a lot of competition around you that you have to face. You cannot afford to be even a little lumpy or else you may lose a serious number of customers.

That is why you need to be aware of any new opportunity that hits the market, which in this case is Mobile Marketing. More than 6 billion people use cell phones all over the world and that is a serious number when it comes to an “audience”. This number is way ahead of the total internet users globally!

And with the price of mobile internet decreasing, the number of people online using mobile is increasing every day. So not bothering about this vast audience can be a real set back to your brand’s presence online.

Se7en Forms Of Mobile Marketing

Here are the seven most widely used mobile marketing forms:

  1. SMS: (short message service) and MMS (multi-media message service) –  In this form of mobile marketing advertisers can send relevant marketing messages in the form of texts, images, videos or audio. It has been found that 90% of people read text messages and 85% have positive response on the marketing messages.
  2. Mobile Compatible Webstes – This is a way of converting a desktop web page into mobile compatible webpage. This way it becomes easier for the mobile devices to handle the website and display it properly. These sites usually market using banner ads.
  3. Banner Ads: Like the traditional banner ads in web pages mobile banner ads are smaller to fit on mobile screens. These are mainly used on mobile websites and mobile apps.
  4. Mobile Applications And Games: Most of the freeware applications and games present out there contain ads on them. You may have seen them in the form of small banners that pop up when you are in the middle of your game. It’s a great way of marketing as it  these ads easily catch your attention.
  5. Location-Based Marketing : Using this advertisers send multimedia to the mobile phones in a particular location, typically detected using the GPS system installed on mobile phones.
  6. QR Codes (quick-response codes): QR codes are like barcodes which you can read using an application and the phone’s camera. Each QR code contains some information about a product or it may also contain the link to a website.
  7. Voice Marketing– This is similar to email marketing where you send a text email to your list. In voice marketing pre-recorded messages are sent over to a list of mobile numbers using a computer.

Benefits Of Mobile Marketing

There a a lot of benefits of using mobile marketing as your marketing strategy. I’ve listed some of them here…

1. Better Response Rate By The Customers/Visitors

As a marketer you may sometimes feel like wasting your time mailing people who don’t even care to read your mails or respond to it. Many people do not even bother checking a mail they see as irrelevant. But in case of Mobile Marketing, there are much better results.

People have their cell phones with them all the time which makes it a more effective way of marketing. And the fact is – around 70% people are unable to resist the need to checking their cell phone every 5 to 10 minutes. So I can say that your marketing messages will not get ignored.

2. Easy to Use Technology:

You cannot carry a laptop with you at all times but can carry a mobile phone with you all the time. This fact is helpful for both marketers and the users as now marketers can market things on the go and the end users can search for the info and access your services on the go using their mobile devices.

3. Small Screen, Big Profits:

Although many people think of small screen as a bad thing for mobile marketing, but it actually isn’t. Small screens can accommodate the lesser amount of text and images which narrows down your focus to a small portion. This increases the chance of looking at the ads and clicking through it. Make sense?

4. Direct Interaction With The End User:

For small business owners, mobile marketing serves to be a great way to interact directly with the interested recipients.

5. Location Based Marketing:

With cell phones now coming with GPS systems embedded in them, the advertisers can find about all the cell phone owners present in a geographical area. This gives a target population to do marketing. Time and money can thus be saved from sending ads to geographically uninterested people.

6. User Response Tracking:

Like other forms of marketing, mobile marketing can also be tracked by number of delivery reports, number of calls responded by the users, click through rate on banner ads etc. By simply finding out the ratio of how many people responded to a message or ads, we can draw out a conclusion on the response rate.

Mobile marketing is very beneficial for online businesses and blogs as it has a higher reach and response rate. People log in to their computer only a few times of a day but they can barely live without using a cell phone all day long.

Keep this in mind and research more on what form of mobile marketing suits your online business. My homework for you today is:

  1. Go and find out which form of mobile marketing suits your online business the best.
  2. Make a mobile version of your desktop based website or blog for the mobile user or make an app for them.
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