Internet marketing may seem to be a very difficult task but its a piece of cake for Matthew Neer. Matthew has been skateboarding like a wild man for about 10+ years and somewhere along the line he figured out how to make money online and quit his job so he could skate more.

Now he teaches thousands of students around the world his secrets to making money online and the crazy shenanigans he gets into along the way…

I got an opportunity to talk with him and it was a great learning experience. I learnt a lot about him and his business and was really amazed when he shared his skateboarding videos with me. I can tell you he’s a rock start on his boards.

So after a little chat, I asked him his little secret of how he manages to pull thousands of dollars into his bank account by marketing his products online. And here’s the little piece of advice he gave me…

Matt’s 3-Step Secret for Internet Marketers:

Mathew’s Little Secret of internet marketing in his own words:

If I were to give the best possible advice to a brand new marketer looking to make it big in this business, here it is…

It’s really a simple 3 step formula, that if you follow, will make business EASY! And once you “GET THIS”, you can forget about any other distractions out there, because this is all you will need.

Step 1:

Create a squeeze page and connect that to an auto responder on the other side so you can build your own list. I recommend you use Get Response.

Step 2:

Put an offer (ideally your own) but if you don’t have you own yet, use an affiliate offer that converts well (find those on and test to see which works best for you.

Step 3:

Send targeted traffic. Aka, people who would be interested in what you offer on your squeeze page.

Just make sure your squeeze page and offer are congruent. Meaning they flow together, they are similar in nature.
If you squeeze page talks about making money with facebook, then use a facebook offer on the other side. Make sense?

So you get those three things right, then you just focus on finding new ways to send targeted traffic, you build a big list, and make a fortune.

It’s literally that simple. I just think peeps get distraction with too many other shinny objects and lose focus.
Stick to those 3 things and you’re golden!

BONUS: Where do you find traffic?

I like to send traffic at my squeeze pages via solo ads, newsletters and banners. I seek out people who sell solos and buy a mailing from them.

I typically pay about $0.55 cents per click for that traffic. And as long as your affiliate offer makes you more then $0.55 per click, you’re profitable.

When you can put money in and get more money back out, YOU WIN!

Pat yourself on the back because you can run traffic all day and turn a profit.

You have created an digital ATM. Congratz!

– Matthew Neer

What a nice piece of advice. Just follow the three step and you’d have already made your first dollar online.

If you’d like to meet Matthew and see what he has to offer don’t forget to visit his site: Digital Bankroll. He has some very cool information on internet marketing on his website.

Please leave a comment of what you think of the advice that Matt gave. I’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

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