Google+ the social network by Google is growing as a game changer these days. Its engagement is increasing with every passing day and so is, SEO benefits and link building opportunities it holds. Today we are going to discuss about how Google+ can be leveraged for SEO and Link Building. But before we move in the ways, let us previously explore the ‘Why’ part.

Why Google+ is an ideal place for SEO and Link Building?

  • It has been observed and found that Google+’s and SERPs have a strong correlation.
  • Google uses Google+ to discover new content and the posts made/shared on G+ are crawled and indexed very quickly.
  • Facebook, Twitter and most of the other social-networking sites, either give no-follow links to all the posts made or simply deny Google to crawl the posts. However, all the posts made on G+ are almost treated as full-fledged blog posts, each getting a separate link/URL and a page rank.

Thus, in the age of Facebook, Twitter and other social-media platforms, Google+ holds a lot of potential for SEO and Link Building. One can definitely leverage Google+ for SEO and can be used to stay protected even in ages of penguin and panda. Let us now move to ways that can be used to leverage G+ for SEO and Link Building.

Leverage Google+ for SEO and Link Building

Tips to use Google+ for SEO, Link Building and Brand Building

  1. Work to make your Google+ sharing network more viral
    • Make your Google+ sharing network grow.
    • Follow people that are interesting and relevant to be joined.
    • Do share your stuff and try keeping the quality of the stuff optimum. Share good quality content that is interesting, original and invites readers.
    • Never share only the links on the page but add some catchy lines before adding the link. Do embed your post’s link to these posts. Google+ allows addition of as many links as you want to a single post.
    • Before the catchy lines, optimise G+ titles. Add relevant keywords in the beginning of any post on G+ as it has been observed that the first keywords in any post on G+ has higher correlations with the value of the links embedded in the post.
    • Make sure all the posts are public.
    • Get people engage in your posts.
    • More are the number of +1s and share on a post, more is the value of the links embedded.
    • Make it easy for people to add to their circles. Create your own badge for the same.
  2. Connect your Google+ fan page to your website
    • Link your blog or company’s website to your official Google+ fan page.
    • Make your audience be aware of the page and get them get engaged with your Google+ page.
    • Add a G+1 button to your post. Though most of the visitors might like to either like or tweet about the post but the +1 button should be so visible and attention-seeker that it never misses the attention of every G+ user visiting the post/blog/website.
  3. Optimise your profile and increase your presence
    • Complete your G+ profile in the best possible way.
    • Optimise your author’s picture or profile picture. A good profile picture has been observed to lead to a greater CTR.
    • Fill out all the information about yourself and about what you’re doing. Also add appropriate link to the links section such as ”Contributor to”, “Other Profiles” etc.
    • Under Story, include links with anchor text in your ‘Introduction’ section.
    • Participate in public discussions on G+ and circle important and interesting people.
    • Project a helping attitude and do not just self-promote.
    • It’d also be good if you join, or create communities. Post regularly in these and get engaged.
    • Earn +1s, shares and links from other important G+ users.
    • Build up a pattern of engagement and it’ll land up helping you in long run.
    • Make it easy for people to add to their circles
    • Use Hashtags and mentions. This will help you gain visibility among all using the same hashtag. Mention people specifically and this might lead to your posts getting more +1s.
  4. Get Google Authorship Work for your blog’s SEO
    • Google Authorship offers a great advantage to working for SEO of your website/blog/post.
    • Renowned, trusted and authorised authors always have an edge over others with their posts and have a higher tendency of getting ranked quickly (indirectly) and driving traffic.
    • Having a smiley face show up in SERPs, along with name and basic Google+ info, can help increase the CTR (click-through rate). This, in itself, can affect your ranking in the long-term (reduce bounce rate, more relevant and quality traffic that click-through and stick around on your site).

To summarise, the following can be done to leverage G+ for SEO and link building:

  •  Get a G+ page. Connect this to your website/blog.
  • Get into circles with interesting and big people and engage with them in discussions.
  • Optimise your profile and your G+ fan page.
  • Post with interesting stuff along with the links to posts embedded. Make it public and get as many +1s and shares as possible.
  • Stuff the homepage with as many keywords as possible. But do it organically.
  • Use the +1 button.

All above steps can be used to leverage Google+ for SEO and Link Building. Do follow all the steps and share your experiences with me using the comment box below.

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