After talking about the do’s and don’ts of freelancing in the previous posts, I thought I should also write about the more famous and in buzz topic now – Do’s And Don’t Of SEO for the year 2013.

After the Penguin and Panda updates you might be confused about what you should and shouldn’t do now and in the coming year 2013. I have been watching the Google Webmasters Help videos on YouTube lately and all I can hear is create great content that people will love to read and share and other things will take care of itself.

But we both know that although its true but far from the complete thing. You may already be creating compelling content in your blog but your site is nowhere in the first or even the second page of Google. So what’s wrong if you are doing what Google is telling you to do? Why isn’t your site ranking in the search results?

There are a lot of other things that should be taken care of if you want your website to be somewhere near the top of SERPs. That’s why I have created a list of top do’s and don’ts of SEO for the year 2013.

Here we go…

Do’s And Don’t Of SEO For The Year 2013 And Beyond…

1. Never Use Duplicated Content.

This is a usual mistake made by webmasters, users always prefer fresh and unique content and so do search engines. Copied content can be easily detected by highly specific algorithms of search engine. If it inevitable to use duplicated data then always use it with java script as such it would not be crawled or at least leave credit to the original source.

Tip : Stay away from article syndication site. They provide very low quality crap.

2. Avoid Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is always considered as unethical and makes content boring. If your content contains excess keywords then readers would feel it is written by robots. Google takes strict action against keyword stuffing. Search engines definitely rank the site poorly and your site might not crawled by search engines at all. Your maximum keyword percentage should be about 5-6%.

Use tools like WordPress SEO by Yoast to find the keyword density of your posts. I use it all the time and find it very helpful.

3. Use Less Flash or Java Script.

Flash and Java Script enhance the design of your site but these should be preferred less. Search engines ignore the flash and java script. These may make your page large and large pages take time to load. Even few seconds delay may be negative for site.

4. Avoid Linking To Low Quality Spam Website.

Internet is full of spam, about 70% of content on internet is spammy. Never link your site with spammy content. Search engines categorize the sites in a neighborhood sort of way and you do not want your site in spammy neighborhood. If you link to junk your site usually drifts away from trust seed which definitely gives you poor ranking.

5. Search Engine Hates Hidden Text.

Never hide any irrelevant text and links. Most sites use same color background to hide link or texts, this is highly risky as search engines can crawl onto these information. This notorious nature is often penalized by search engines.

6. Remote Submission.

Remote submission should be avoided, search engines block remote submissions. Your site may not get indexed so, it best to go for manual submission. Google webmasters account may help you check your stats after site is indexed.

7. Be Cool.

Always remember SEO is not only about search engines but mainly about people, good unique content is always appreciated. People love cool stuff so try to do something amazing and attractive. This will definitely help you stay clear above the rest.

8. Do Keyword Research Properly.

Keywords are always basis of SEO so research and place your keywords carefully and effectively. Keywords in the title or URL or near headings are more useful than any other place. Images are also good places to stuck keywords. And as I told earlier take care of keyword density as well.

9. Do Some Guest Blogging.

Placing guest blog on high page rank sites would help you increase links to the site as well as bring some new visitors to your site. Though it is difficult to get permission from webmasters to get guest blog, it is certainly worth the trouble.

Guest blogging is probably the best possible way of doing SEO of your website. I’m sure you’ll see more post about guest blogging for SEO than anything else in year 2013.

10 Submit To High PR Directories.

Submit your site in right directory. Websites are distributed in various directories of respective topics so it is essential your site falls in right pool. There are directories like or for business or law sites, so always choose directory carefully and related to your niche.

Yahoo and Dmoz are the one of the most authoritative directories on the web but getting into these directories seriously needs a lot of effort and also money!

11. Build High Quality Back Links.

Back links are basic way of increasing popularity. Google ranks pages on basis of their links. Make sure you link your site to reputed sites only. Getting links from high PR sites can increase your rank significantly. Do more of blog commenting, guest blogging, forum posting, directory submission and social bookmarking and you’ll see significant increase in your rankings.

Just stay away from paid or low quality links and offers that provide 10,000 links for $7 only! 🙂 They’ll just harm your rankings and nothing else.

12. Use Social Media.

Today world is taken by Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is very important that your site is connected to all these social networking sites. Engage with your users and keep them updated with your latest posts and useful information.

Follows, likes and tweets about your site will not only make you feel good but will also boost ranking.

13. Content Is King.

Make sure you provide rich and compelling content. Hard work has always been the key to success and it also applies to SEO. Rich content does not mean that you fill it with highly technical and unreadable content but the content should be easy and interesting to read and provide some value to your readers.

14. Google Is Not Alone.

Google may be the most popular and famous search engine out there but its not the only one. Yahoo and Bing along with many other search engines can also bring a lot of traffic to your blog or website. So, always stick to the basic principles so that all search engines give your site good ranking and don’t just focus on getting ranked in Google.

Search Engine Optimization is the soul of any website or internet marketing therefore it should become a part of marketing your blog or website. Today internet is overloaded with millions of websites with billions of links and the question is how to get to the summit and stay there. Right initiatives and constant hard work is necessary for this.

So be focused and keep in mind that you don’t get to the top of search engines overnight. Its a process that needs some effort and time from you. But if done correctly will never disappoint you.

Just leave a comment below to share your thoughts with me…

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