Are entrepreneurs in India conditioned with the right mindset? Why do most of them give up even before starting? Are you one of them who had a great idea at the beginning but started doubting yourself and gave up the thought. Read on the following chat between two entrepreneurs to know what I mean:

Entrepreneur1 – Hey buddy, whats up?

Entrepreneur2 – Fine dude, wbu?

E1 – I’m also good. Hey listen(excited), I have got a new idea of a website to start online!

E2 – Thats good. Whats it??

E1 – See I’ll develop a site where people can upload their information products to sell. It will be a place where people can come and buy these products. The publisher will get 75% and I’ll have the rest of it. By this way any common man can write and upload their expertise online in form of an ebook or audio book and make money out of it. Now, you may think clickbank and many other sites are already doing that. But here’s a difference, in those sites you can only pay using paypal or credit card. But how many common men in India have credit card or even know about paypal? Most of the Indians who shop online use their net-banking account for transaction. So, if I connect my website with ccavenue so that people can pay using their net-banking account I will open up a big market of info products in India! What say? Is’nt it a good idea?

E2 – Hmmm. I think you should try something else. There is no scope in such things. People will never upload anything or buy from your site. And it will also be very difficult to drive traffic. And its so difficult to create e-books. What if a person buys an e-book and upload it to torrent sites. This idea can never be successful.

E1 – (Sad and doubtful) Hmm, you’re right.

E2 – Hey, I also have a great plan. Better than yours. I was thinking a lot about this lately. Its awesome and has the potential to change the way how people buy things online.

E1 – Wow, sounds cool. What is your plan?

E2 – I know its cool. I will make an online mart which sells chips and coke! You know people love to party and there are parties going on everywhere and they need chips and coke for it. They can simply come to my site and buy some packets of chips and coke and our ultra fast delivery system will deliver it to them instantly. What do you think?

E1 – (Dumbstruck)

E2 – Come on say something.

E1 – Well bro, carry on…

At the end of the day E1 doubted his own plans and finally did nothing. E2 was having a blast at a party.

This situation is common to almost every entrepreneur. Here’s what you should watch whenever such things happen to you:


Have you experienced such situation and gave up your plans. Or you did not give up and  managed to execute the idea. Please share your thoughts below.

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