WordPress 101 Series For Beginners

Installing Plugins – Giving A WordPress Site Superpowers – WordPress 101

There are two methods by which you can install a plugin. The first one is done automatically and the other is done manually. In case there is need to use both methods alternatively, I have covered both methods in the following post. Installing Plugins Automatically. To install a plugin automatically, go to "Plugins" menu on the left hand side and click on "add new" from the drop down menus.

Getting To Know WordPress Better – Anatomy Of WordPress Backend – WordPress 101

Understanding the anatomy of WordPress or the features there are in it helps you make full use of the platform and to increase the performance of your site. Lets just not waste any time and jump directly into the core. The long lists of buttons on the left hand side of your admin area are called menus. They are where you should go every time you’re looking to make changes, adjust settings or make virtually everything on your site. They are like the brain to your website and we have described each menu as follows.

Setting Up Your First WordPress Blog – WordPress 101

So now you know what WordPress is(if not click here) and want to have your own WordPress blog. If you want to setup your own blog using WordPress then this post will walk you through the process. By the end of this post you would have successfully installed WordPress on your web host and will be proud of yourself that you gave birth to brand new blog.

So, What Is WordPress And Why Use It Over Other – WordPress 101

Hey! Welcome, this is the first post of the post series WordPress 101 – Beginners Guide To WordPress. In the coming days I’ll be writing on basics of WordPress for those who are just starting out with WordPress. Stay in touch. At the end of the series you would have the basic knowledge of WordPress, how to set it up, write your first blog post and all the other basic stuff you'd