For the learners who need more sensory interactions for the material to sink in there are a range of video packages for purchase to learn the basics to the more complicated aspects of WordPress. Here are a few of the best WordPress video tutorials…

Best WordPress Video Tutorials

1. iThemes WordPress Video Tutorials


iThemes provides a set of video WordPress tutorials that go into depth of specific aspects of WordPress. Videos dedicated to minute topics such as “Using the WordPress Admin Bar,” “Adding Links in WordPress,” “Scheduling WordPress Posts,” etc. make it so that you can easily look up your desired lesson and work from there.

Price – FREE

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2. WP101

wp-101 Best WordPress Video Tutorials

WP101 rerecords their videos every time WordPress is updated, so you know you’re always learning the most up-to-date version. The company claims you can learn how to create and manage a website within an hour. There is also a Q&A Forum so you can get one-on-one help. There are over 23,000 people that have chosen this 45 video option.

Price – $19/month

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3. WP Apprentice Video Tutorials

WP Apprentice - Best WordPress Video Tutorials

WP Apprentice is adaptable to your level of expertise. There are basic videos for free that come with 10 videos. You can then download other courses that are more comprehensive and in-depth. Finally, there is a website blueprint feature that focuses on business websites.

Price – $47


4. PressCoders – HD WordPress Video Tutorials


This option has 19 Intro to WordPress videos, teaching the basics of WordPress. There are 7 bonus videos available that go into more complex topics like SEO tactics and customization. The videos work on all devices and the initial signup is free. It’s mostly for beginners, however intermediate level users may benefit as well.


5. WP Beginner – WordPress 101 Video Tutorials


This progressive option was emotionally derived form frustrations of amateurs charging extreme amounts of money to learn to use WordPress. The free program is a basic understanding of how WordPress works for beginners. The company makes money from their enterprise clients and uses its power to send free videos around the web.

Price – Free


6. Simple WP Blueprint


This claims to help you get your site to the top of Google easily. They believe there are very simple secrets that can allow you to do the same work high-priced web designers charged with a few step by step instructions. They don’t include what is really in the package online but they claim it is comprehensive and for beginners.

Price – $47


7. New WordPress PLR Videos


There are 45 videos in the plr packages. The videos are specialized and cover all the bases. They show how to add images, links, media, videos, and more. Then the series moves to creation – pages, blogs, posts, zip files. It goes into depth regarding plugins and themes, and then how to maintain the site well.

Price – $23.43


8. How to Create Your WordPress Site in 24 Hours of Less

As the ambitious title suggests, the 11 video package will help you to create a WordPress site quickly and efficiently. It will cover why you should be using WordPress, how to install it easily. Then it will move on to configurations, hyperlinking, adding YouTube, adjusting your settings, adding users, and finally, using widgets, menus, categories and tags.

Price – $19.99


9. WordPress Mastery Videos

This set of 60 step by step tutorial videos is comprehensive and makes sequential sense. It begins with showing how to make subdomains and add-on domains in cPanel. It will then go into cPanel, manual installation, and permalinks. It has a series of videos showing how to create new blog posts, new pages, and how to insert images. It has many videos on the useage of plugins, themes, etc. The videos are specialized.

Price – $9.77


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